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  • Proven and successful format of operating business.
  • Established brand name and recognition.
  • Complete technical know how.
  • Fast market penetration.
  • Structured support system.

A few of the several benefits as an associate are:

  • Pioneer & renowned national brand with vast experience in the education sector.
  • Complete technical know how to run an educational entity with success
  • Academic assistance, staff recruitment and training support
  • Detailed marketing & promotion support with collateral design and marketing communication mix
  • Procurement of Study material and other academic delivery tools
  • Assistance in developing infrastructure and designing interiors.
  • Guidance in interviewing, recruiting and evaluating teaching staff.
  • Effective ways of solving administrative & financial problems.
  • Continuous updates on current educational developments
  • Assistance on a day-to-day basis.

Business Opportunity

Career Point World School strongly believes that leadership positions drive growth. Leadership positions serve customers better, attract partners and intellectual capital, and lead to large savings that benefits all stakeholders.
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